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Organs audiovisual

An organ is a masterpiece! As we call it so and its creating trade organ building art we do not only demonstrate our appreciation for the remarkable technical work of the organ builder but also for his competence to amalgamate the room with the instrument acoustically and architecturally. Therefore, a symbiosis is created, keeping us ever fascinated.

First of all it is the fascination of the music itself. The organist as a master in his field  creates on a masterpiece a masterpiece of music. But if he acts aloft at the organ many artistic and technical details remain hidden for the church and concert visitor. And the listener of an organ CD has to forgo totally the visual component.

Owing to this fact the idea  for Orgeln audiovisuell (organs audiovisual) was born: to portray historical and contemporary instruments by means of audiovisual media on DVD - on the one hand in order to emphasize music, instrument and church design and on the other hand the artist making music, gaining insights and perspectives that are generally not accessible.

Within this context the listener now also becomes a viewer who doesn't need to miss those features he was used to so far with the audio CD: an interesting repertoire, a felicitous interpretation and a brilliant sound quality.

That way we constantly produce audiovisual documentations of well different organs on DVD.

We are looking forward hearing from you about our work, probably also encouraging or proposing further DVD productions. We wish you to take much pleasure in our DVDs at Orgeln audiovisuell (organs audiovisual).


Johannes Eckelmann